Our Team

Jana Elliot


The Board of Directors is pleased to announce Jana Elliott as our new Executive Director.

She comes to us after having served as Director of Heroes Helping Heroes Community which is a faith-based non-profit serving foster, at-risk, and adopted children through summer camps and mentor programs since 2009.

She will be responsible for the overall administration and leadership of staff while providing grant writing, community awareness, and expansion of services for our multi-county homeless and underserved population. She comes at a time when we are growing from a small house that, since 2006 could house only 18 residents at a time, to our new facility that will allow 64 individual’s needs to be met.

Jessica Stevens
Shelter Manager

The Shelter Manager reports directly to the Operations Director and is responsible for daily direct oversight and communication with The Shepherd’s House (TSH) support staff and clients. The Shelter Manager’s required work schedule is 40 hours per week with around the clock on call availability (unless otherwise prearranged) for questions, problems, and issues that may arise at TSH. The order of crisis escalation will be to the Operations Director for facilities, client, staff, or procedural issues and the ED for public relations issues. 

The Shelter Manager (SM) will work in close collaboration with the Operations Director to ensure operational efficiency of procedures and standards in place at TSH. Core to the duties of the SM are monitoring and managing employee shift assignment; staff time keeping and record management; client in-take tracking, supervision, and reporting through the HMIS as well as monitoring client compliance with TSH rules and requirements. The SM will ensure programs and services available to clients are meeting critical client success goals while working with partner resource agencies within the community of care providers, being mindful to research and explore additional opportunities to further enhance service delivery. The SM will contribute to providing statistics and data relevant to reporting requirements for the operation and functionality of TSH.